Thursday, February 5, 2009

Saggubiyyam(sabudana) bondaa's

saggubiyyam bonda is a very good in tastewise that you can eat as a breakfast /evening time snack.I am sure everyone loves to eat this bonda..


sabudana(saggubiyyam)/Cassava pearls 150 gm
Sour curd 2 cups
Rice flour 2 cups
chopped green chilli 12 (depends on your spice level)
finely chopped onions 1-2 cups chopped cilantro 1 bunch salt 21/2 table spoons(depends on your taste)
water 1/2 cup Baking powder 1 spoon

Procedure for making sabudana bondaas:

1. First soak sabudana in sour curd about 4 to 6 hrs before you want to make,if required you can also use little water(if you have less curd) .

2.once the soaked sabudana becomes soft that means you can start the recepie .

3.Add rice flour to that sabudana and little water make it little tight and then add chopped green chillies and chopped onions & salt and cilantro,baking powder and make sure that mixture of all these shoudn't be too loose .

4.Take a pan and pour oil and put that on medium heat .Once the oil becomes heated you just make little dough with your hands and drop it onto your oil.Repeat the same procedure till the pan filled with your bondaas.

5.Once the oil stops bubbling around your bondaa that means that frying is complete for that bondaa..and let it turn on other side and let it fry for few more minutes remove all fried bondaas from the pan and place on to a paper towel.

6. simple..your crispy sabudana bondaa's are ready.. Serve hot bondaas to your guests..


  1. Nice pictures and easy to make, crispy bondas!

    One suggestion.. I have no idea what sabudana is! So please add English description too, for people like me... :)


  2. ThanQ priya..
    Sabudaana means Cassava pearls ..this is also called kappayum in malayalam.
    Cassava is also deep fried in oil to make tasty homemade crisps,then sprinked with flaked chillies or chilli powder and salt for taste.It is known as Mara Genasu in Kannada.
    I hope you will be able to understand now !!!

  3. Hi Lavanya,

    Great blog!!!! Keep scribbling.

  4. hmmmm..Thank you :)
    Did you try anything?

  5. Yummy snack! Quiet new to me! Nice instructional pics.. you have nice blog here!

  6. Hi,

    Thanks so much for the recipe...I tried in my room and it worked out pretty well


  7. Sowmitra:Good to hear that you have tried ..i am glad that you liked it !!

  8. This is Rajesh Chow: Great recipe

  9. Would be helpful if you enter nutritional & calorie Information for each receipe.

  10. I am from Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Saggubiyum means Javvaresi. Very good recipe! Great. Jan