Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pumpkin curry

You can also call this as Pumpkin Masala.Pumpkins are part of the same plant family that includes squash and cucumbers and can be found in an array of shapes and sizes. Make use of the seeds from your pumpkin by roasting them for a snack.I love pumpkin especially if i do this kind of masala!! I hope everyone likes this..

Health benifits of pumpkin:

  • Pumpkin is really low in calorie . The perfect vegetable for persons who watch their weight.

  • Vitamin C and potassium are also an added health benefit, as well as fiber

  • The bright orange flesh of pumpkin is loaded with bta-carotene.This vitamin is an important antioxidant that helps us fight free radicals.( which have great anti-cancer properties.)

  • Pumpkin seeds can also be eaten dried.They are actually very healthy and are used in the treatment of many illnesses .Pumpkin seeds are high in protein, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper and essential fatty acids.

  • Pumpkinseed oil contains good fats, which have been linked to healthier skin, an increase in energy, and improved mental function. Be sure to roast your seeds at 300 degrees or less to protect the inherent good fats.


Onion -1 big( chopped finely

Ginger-garlic paste-1

turmeric powder-¼ tsp

tomatoes-2(finely chopped

green chilli-1 split

garam masala-1 tsp

Salt to taste

red chilli powder-1/4 th tbs

chopped fresh coriander for garnishing

pumpkins-1/4 th piece of medium sizeed pumpkin


1.Heat the two tablespoons of oil in a pan and, when heated, add the onion paste .Once the onion paste is fried add tomoto puree and fry for 5 min and then add ginger- garlic paste and fry until very lightly golden.

2.Lower the heat and add the turmeric, green chilli and saute for a min.Add a splash of water to prevent the mixture becoming too dry.Stir well and add the garam masala, salt, Stir well.

3.Once the mixture has become shiny and the oil has begun to separate (add splashes of water if necessary), add the pumpkin pieces and stir well to coat thoroughly with the mixture.

4.Turn up the heat and stir-fry for about five minutes. Add 1/2 cup water, reduce to a medium heat, cover and cook gently for 10-15 minutes until the pumpkin pieces are soft.Don't cook more time,it will become mushy.

5.Carefully stir occasionally to check it is not sticking to the bottom.9. Turn the heat off and Garnish with chopped coriander.

6.Serve and enjoy with your rice or chapathi's.

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