Thursday, February 26, 2009

peanut with Almond balls/laddu

In India , now a days many tv programs are coming about health and food habits. My parents follow one of the program in maa tv named "yoga and natural life style programmes" by Manthena Satyanarayana Raju. My mother told me this peanut balls without sugar/jagery after watching one of the episode, but initially i thought this may not come good or it may not be sweet and i didnt try.One of my friend ,she tried it and told me they tastes good. After that I tried and surprisingly they came good.
This snack is very healthy as we are not using any ghee,oil,sugar etc.
I hope everybody knows the health benifits of almonds and pea nuts and dates.

Health benifits of daetes here


Peanuts-1 cup dry roasted(lightly grinded)
Almonds-1 cup unsalted and cut into halves (dry roasted optional)
california dates (without seeds)-11/2 cup


1.If the dates are dried ,just keep it in the water (otherwise no need) for 15-30 min and then drain the water from dates and grind it into a fine paste using mixer/mortar and pestle.If the dates are fresh just mash with your hand and make paste.

2.lightly grind peanuts and almonds .I like them as whole nuts so i didn't grind it .For kids,it is better to grind it so that they are easy to eat .Take the dates paste in to a bowl add grinded peanuts and almonds to it and make round balls of your required size.

3.If you feel they are wetty ,keep those balls for sometime in the refrigerator and remove it out and store it in a airtight container.

4.Eat these balls as a snack at any time.This is very easy to preapre.. isn't it ?

I am sending this snack item to following events.
Sunday Snacks: Grab n Go - March 29th
Healthy Bite: Feb 28th


  1. This indeed a healthy one.I was amazed,no sugar/no artificial sweetener,no ghee/butter.Wow this is surely an interesting one.Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe,i will make and let you know.

  2. What a great dessert. Looks delicious and healthy..

  3. This is a wonderful, healthy recipe! Looks cute and delicious!

  4. that's a lovely and healthy recipe. my kids will love it :)

  5. These are fantastic :) ive made them before and my son loves them! I also roll a couple of them in coconut for myself seein im the only one in our house who likes the flakes of coconut!

  6. hey lavanya very nice recipe. by reading only my mouth is watering..

  7. looks crunchy munchy;
    reminds me of "mallaatta cake" (kinda sweets with peanuts and jaggery we findin TN) we used to buy these from the canteens (in school)long long ago ...heheh

    yours is different and sounds healthy too :)

  8. This is very differnt and creative recipe.. I love it! 'll have to try.

  9. healthy and easy. thanks for sharing.