Friday, February 13, 2009

gobi masala/gobi fry/cauliflower masala

This is good to eat with chapathi/Rice.I think everybody knows this recipe but still i am posting this to the people who doesn't know!!

Cauliflower -1
Onion-1 big(finely chopped)
green chilli-2(each esplit into two)
ginger-garlic paste-2 spoons
salt to taste
red chilli powder -3/4 th tsp
turmeric powder
garam masala-1/2 spoon
oil-4 tsp
coriander leaves
warm water reqd


1.Cut he flower into small florets and keep it in the warm water abt 10 min.In the mean time cut chilli and onions.

2.Take pan and put oil then add green chilli and onion and fry untill onion becomes golden brown then add ginger-garlic paste and saute for few min.
3.Drain water from the florets and put florets in the pan and mix well.Stir for evry 5 min in between add salt and chilli powder and gharam masala and cook untill the whole florets are fried properly.
4.Add coriander/cilanrto leaves and serve hot.

I am sending this to JFI Cauliflower hosted by Mythreyee. JFI was originally started by Indira (Mahanandi)


  1. My husband loves cauliflower....i keep trying different recipes...Your Gobi masala looks nice...They taste great with rotis.

  2. try this..My friend came to my house today and she said wow..vat a smell..this smells like some chinese dish!!I hope you guys will like it!!

  3. My husband loves Gobi....this one surely looks wonderful.

  4. Thanks for the comments sowmya & Nithya..

  5. I tried this one. Tastes good. Thanks for sharing

  6. iam hungry now..very very yummy

  7. I got compliments for this curry from my hubby:))
    Thanks a lot for posting this.

  8. I have a Punjabi friend of mine. They make the cauliflower taste awfully good. Your recipe looks similar. mmmmm....