Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tomoto with taro root curry

This is another way to use taro root other than stew and fry.This tastes to good with rice or chapathis.


taro root/chamadumpa-4
green chilli-1 (slit)
onion-1 (medium size) finely chopped
seasoning/talimpu ingredients
turmeric powder-1/4 th tsp
salt to taste
red chilli powder-1/4th -1/2 tsp
garam masala powder-1/4th -1/2 tsp
cilantro for garnishing


1.First wash taro root and peel the outer layer and cut into cubes (or) boil taro root for abt 15 to 20 min and then remove the skin and cut the boiled taro into medium size cubes.

2.Take a pan ,heat enough oil,Shallow/deep fry the taro root pieces under medium heat and keep that fried taro root pieces on a paper towel in a seperate bowl.

3.In the same pan ,keep only 2 tsp of oil and remove remaining oil.Add seasong ingredients and fry for a minute and then add onions and fry till onions become transparent.In the mean time cut tomotoes finely.

4.Add tomotoes ,turmeric powder,salt and mix well ,fry till tomotoes cooked completely.Now Add fried taro root pieces and mix well and let it cook for few more min.

5.Atlast add garam masala powder and mix well.Add cilantro for garnishing.

Varsha Vipins and Priya passed me this award..i am honoured to recieve this award from you friends..Thanks varsha n priya!!

I am sending this recipe to Sanghi's tasty bites,'Tomato Event'

I am dedicating this recipe to my friend sunanda..becoz i dont know this vesion of using taro root before..i have learnt this recipe from her..so i am dedicating this to my friend sunanda...Thank alot sunanda!!

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  1. Your curry recipes are a hit at my house! :D
    So will def. try this out! :)

  2. Yum Lavanya that looks like some awesome comfort food or maybe thats what im craving seeing its over cast and a lil miserable lookin outside here!

  3. Good looking dish, never tasted Taro. I should try and get some just to taste it! :)

  4. Hey Lovely recipe .. New recipe again Lavanya :) ..Thanks soo much ..i need to try lot recipe of urs :) Thanks for all lovely comments @ my blog keep visiting Happy cooking Thanks

  5. Taro root recipe is very new and useful for me. Good alternative for potato. Looks yummy.

  6. Taro root tomato combo sounds tasty..looks yum as well Lavs..:)

  7. Lovely curry Lavnaya. Surely give a try.

  8. chala bagundi lavanya...eppudu try cheyledhu...will try it for sure...

  9. Curry looks Yum Lavanya...ur version sounds slightly different and lovely...i am sure it would have tasted great.

  10. Great curry,i love chapaduma fry,but adding tomato is new to me.

  11. hmm...have never tried this...looks nice