Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chepala pulusu/fish curry

This is a traditional andhra tangy recipe made of onions and tamarind.This tastes more if you left this curry for one day and eat it on next day.Most of the telugu non-veg people will have fish or chicken or mutton on sundays.

Enjoy this andhra fish curry/chepala pulusu with rice.. I hope everyone knows about health benifits of fish..take fish atleat once in a week :)


Fish- 500g cut into medium size pieces
Tamarind -lemon size (squueze the pulp from it)
ginger-garlic paste-1 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/4 spoon
Coriander powder-2 tsp-optional
Red chili powder-1 tsp
Garam Masala-1 tsp
Onion-1 big- finely chopped
Tomato- 1 finely chopped-optional
Green chilli-2(slitted)
Cuminseeds/jeera- 1 tsp (optional)
curry leaves-1spring
Oil -4 tsp
Coriander leaves-1 bunch


1.Wash all the fish pieces thoroughly with salt and turmeric powder.Marinate it with a pinch of turmeric, chilli powder,and salt and ginger-garlic paste and keep it aside for 15-30 min.

2.Heat oil in a large bottomed vessel.Add cumin and curry leaves.Once they are fried,add onions and green chillies,Saute them till onions becomes trasnsluscent add ginger-garlic paste and fry it for a couple of minutes.

3.Add fish pieces to it and fry for 7 to 8 min and then add the tamarind pulp or paste.(Add water if required).Add salt and red chilli powder, if required.But remember one thing dont mix the curry with the spoon just move the pan in such a way that all the pieces have mixed well.Cook till the fish pieces become soft and well cooked on medium flame.

4.Finally add garam masala and coriander leaves , mix well.Enjoy with rice/roti/parathas.


  1. MMM Looks DELISH! We have fish atleast once a week well try too :)

  2. wow!lovely fish curry and looks delicious

  3. i am drooling here...loved the pieces in curry..awesome..

  4. Looks so wonderfully delighting Lavanya! I'm a fan of fish curry!

  5. The curry looks inviting..pulusu gets better with small fish ? drooling..will try this soon..awesome click Lavanya.

  6. Ummmm yummy....looks so gud..

  7. The fish curry looks wonderful - what kind of fish are you using here? I recently made a monkfish curry and it was really tasty but my picture didn't come out well so I have to make it again to post it on my site.

  8. Being a keralite, I love fish. WIll try this out.

  9. Yumm..great fish curry..I miss mom's meen curry so much now..:(

  10. Chapala pulusu. thanks for sharing. I will try

  11. kiraaj:Good that you will eat fish weekly..i will try to do that :)
    srilekha,suma,Asha :Thank you very much!!
    priya:you know i hate fish..becoz of scales/bones...but now a days i am ok..good that you love is very good for health naa..whatever is good i feel like not to eat :)
    Ann,priti :thanks for the lovely words!!
    5 starfoodie:catfish,tilapia,salmon..each time it varies but i like cat fish becoz of its scaleless!!
    smitha:try it dear..i hope you wil like it!!
    Varsha:don't give up can also try here :)

    Thanks friends once made my day with all your lovely comments :)

  12. good one....interesting will try.

  13. Looks Nice.
    Wil try this sometime:))

  14. Chepala pulusu,my all favorite fish dish besides the spicy fish fry:)

  15. Chapala Pulusu delicious ga vundi lavanya..First time here..Mee blog bagundi...

  16. Lalli:Hey you won't take fish naa..really or joking :))
    yasmeen:Thank you!!
    pooja:Thank you very much pooja :)

  17. Hopped to ur blog through pooja's.U have lovely recipes and snaps as well.Even i posted chapala pulusu few days back.Ur looks yummy

  18. I am big fan of any Andhra dish...this chepalu pulusu is very it.

  19. This looks like a great way to eat fish!

  20. looks good what kind of fish do you use?

  21. Fietitian for hire :i will use mostly tilapia and salmon..

  22. mm..yummy....I also make the same way but i'll add fish after adding the tamarind ....loooove fish a lot esp chepala pulusu made by mom