Friday, May 29, 2009

Bing.........Microsoft new search tool

Hi friends..

how are you all?I missed all your wonderful dishes from the past 2 weeks..i am sorry friends :( I just came from long vacation..i will update my blog with new dishes soon :)

I came here with one good news today..Microsoft introduced a new search tool in competition with google.It's really cool ..just now my husband told me abt this..i just searched for the shopping mall ,gas prices,weather is recognizing our loacation and showing the the search results near to our location..check it. (Microsoft search engine)

MSN/Live search is changed into bing with new features i guess :)

Try it and Let me know your comments friends..


  1. hmmm. this sounds interesting. Let me check it :)

    Btw, the header and pics aren't loading. Check it out!

  2. hi Lavanya,
    good to c u back :)Glad u had a wonderful vacation, hope to see ur recipes soon, take enough rest and start with a bang!!
    Thanks for the link of yet another search engine, shall try it and let u know.
    Enjoy the weekend

  3. Hey welcome back .. will browse through it

  4. WELCOME BACK!! We missed you too! Take your time...... :-))

  5. Great..I will give it a try..Thanks for the information

  6. Hey Lavnya r u ? i was missing u soo much dear ...:(

  7. Welcome back! Will give bing a try!

  8. hey lavanya, nenu kuda ippude vachenu break taruvata. twaralo mi recipes chustamu anukontunanu.

  9. Hi Lavanya,
    This is my first time here...I like bing too especially the photography:)